Question - How long is the duration of the program "Partial salary compensation to the employers in case they employ individuals uncompetitive in the labor market"?

The salary compensation of uncompetitive disabled persons of the 1st and 2nd categories involved in this program is provided with 2-year term, and other uncompetitive persons - with one-year term.

Question - Can another contract be signed for the same person in case of contract termination ahead of schedule through the employer’s fault?

In cases of the organization’s liquidation or the reduction of employees’ number, when the contract is terminated ahead of schedule, a new contract can be signed for the same person with another employer with the term not realized in the frames of previous contract.

Question - Are all the warranties obtained by the person preserved in case he/she changes his/her place of residence?

The unoccupied jobseeker having the unemployment status changing the place of residence in the territory of the Republic of Armenia, preserves all his/her warranties set by the law at the moment of relocation, if he/she is registered at the employment office of his/her new place of residence in a set order.

Question - What is a job club?

Job club is an employment support program directed at the activation of jobseekers, the development of their self-organization abilities.

Question - Who can become a member of a job club?

Any jobseeker-volunteer can become a member of the job club.

Question - What can a job club give to a jobseeker?

In the job club a jobseeker can find:
  • Support and encouragement
  • Advice on different issues and problems
  • Information and ideas directed at finding a job
  • Experience of job search 
  • Alternative offers for leisure time. 

Question - What is a job fair?

The job fair is an arrangement directed at the facilitation of a meeting of employers and jobseekers helping an employer to find an employee, and a jobseeker to find a job.

Question - Who can participate in a job fair?

Employers and jobseekers-volunteers can participate in job fair.

Question - What can a job fair give to an employer?

Job fair gives an employer a possibility:
  • to meet with a big number of jobseekers in a short period
  • to fill vacancies with high-qualified employees
  • to create the database of high-qualified specialists 
  • to advertise the organization, product or services.

Question - What can a job fair give to a jobseeker?

Job fair gives a jobseeker a possibility:
  • To meet with numerous employers at the same place,
  • To establish immediate relations with different employers,
  • To find a professional work corresponding  to his qualification,
  • To be involved in the database of different employers with an expectation to receive a work offer in near future.

Question - To whom and how is the funeral benefit paid in case of the death of the unemployed?

The benefit equal to threefold of the unemployment benefit is paid to the person who carries out the funeral procession if a request and the necessary documents are submitted to the state employment service within six months from the death of an unemployed according to the order set by legislation.

Question - Who has the right to retire ahead of schedule?

The unemployed who has insurance pattern of at least thirty five years still having one year to get the right of age pension has the right to retire ahead of schedule.

Question - Does the State Employment Service provide food aid to the unemployed beneficiary?

The State Employment Service does not provide food aid. Such an aid can be provided only if the "Food for Education" program is organized through the State Employment Service and the unemployed is involved in this program.

Question - Can the person request a reference on his status from the employment office with the purpose of presenting it to other authorities?

Yes, the employment office has to provide the registered person with a reference on his status.

Question - In which cases are the financial means received from the State Employment Service to be returned?

The financial means received by the person from the State Employment Service should be completely returned, if
  • the person worked in the period of receiving unemployment benefit, as well as during the period of being involved in other state employment programs,
  • the person presented documents with unreliable data. 
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