Question - When is the person provided with the referral to the medical and social expertise?

The person provided with the referral to the MSEC for the first time only when applying for determining disabled person. The process of making the referral realized by the doctor in charge or servicing medical organization.

Question - Which necessary terms does the person need for receiving a referral to MSEC?

The receives referral to the MSEC only after essential diagnostic, medical and rehabilitation actions, or in case of diseases, requiring permanent treatment the person receiving a referral during the treatment as well.

Question - When does the disabled person apply to MSEC for expertise?

The disabled person as well as “disabled children” from age 0-18 is applying for reexpertise in case of expiration specified period and health state worsening.

Question - What will be the activities, if the person does not come to the place of expertise based on the state of his or her health?

If the person is not able to come to expertise or re-expertise based on the state of his or her health, the applicant should mark the place of location of the patient in his statement/hospital or the place the patient is being treated or under care/. If the disabled person is out of the Republic of Armenia for treatment, the expertise is carried out on the basis of the previous MSEC documents of the disabled or on the basis of documents of the medical organization, where the disabled person is being treated.

Question - What are the documents on the basis of which the re-expertise is carried out?

The re-expertise is carried out on the basis of the application of the person or the authorized person as well as on the basis of conclusions existing in the medical documents given by the health related institutions.

Question - What is considered the beginning of disability, while determining it?

The beginning of disability is set up by the date of application /statement/ acceptance and not by the expertise day.

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Question - If the person is considered disable for military service by the draft board, is he given a status of disable person or not?

The status of disability is given only when limitations of activities are present as a result of health worsening.